Ja├»┬┐┬Żn across the globe

Ja├»┬┐┬Żn across the globe

Export to E.E.U.U , China India and Emiratos. ...

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Flexitank It is an efficient and secure carriage of bulk liquids. It carries up to 22,000 litros.Disponibles monolayer, bilayer, multilayer. The best way to transport the olive oil in containers with superior quality.

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Containers 1000L

Ja├»┬┐┬Żn world capital of olive oil



We label the oil in accordance with its corporate image and brand."


We pack your oil, in any form, see our wide range of base plates available

Speed in the process

We are agile in our packaging process, so you can give out the product story before

Large Quantity

We support the processing of large volumes of merchandise

Oil broker market

Olive oil

Our flagship product is the Extra Virgin, but we have virgin lampante ... Origin of olive grounds. Andalusia (Spain)

Brokers on the market

We have daily price of a liter of bulk oil in the international market

We dispose of its production

To facilitate the production place you can stay in your mill leveraged

Competitive price

Thanks to our production efforts will be sold for a reasonable price


Packaging process

You get in touch with us, and advise on labeling volume and costs

With great efficiency in the process

We are able to cover large batches packaging

Farms selling olive

We sell olive farms of any size and production, young olive trees Stakes or what you want is at your disposal


Ask us about your projects

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Our brand stands for quality

Reino del Olivar

Extra.Procedencia Virgin Olive Oil of olive grounds. Andalusia (Spain)

The brand has been present in the market for over a decade ...

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